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Last „Gone in 60 Seconds” Mustang Auctioned

Category: Ford | Author: | Date: December 12th, 2014

For the remake of the 1974 „Gone in 60 seconds” a total of 11 modified Mustangs, codenamed Eleanor, were built out of which only 3 were completely functional.

Subtract two out of those and you get the remaining number of custom “Eleanor” Mustangs available on the market. Needless to say this is not much of a number.

Ford Mustang Eleanor

Ford Mustang Eleanor

The auction will be the first ever held in Austin, TX over the course of today and tomorrow (12-13th December) where the 60 seconds Mustang will be the main eye candy around the showroom. Read more »

Mini John Cooper Works the Head of the Line in Power

Category: Mini, Uncategorized | Author: | Date: December 12th, 2014

‘Tis the season for the Detroit Car Show leaks. Mini Cooper hasn’t been left behind with its most powerful rendition of the famous car on the line, the John Cooper Works, JCW for short promises as much as it shows.

Since the focus is on power with this model it is no surprise it boosts a 2.0L engine allowing for a total of 228HP, a maximum of 6000RPM and about 320 Nm torque. What is somewhat surprising is the fact that the engine is joined by a rather standard six-speed gearbox.

Mini Cooper JCW

Mini Cooper JCW

The car reaches 100km/h in just under 6.5 seconds which is truly amazing. The top speed for this vehicle is around 245km/h which is not influenced in any way by the transmission choice. Reworked suspension and Brembo sport brakes as well as all sorts of electronic helping gadgets make this Mini as stylish as it is capable. Read more »

Volvo Mystery Coupe Work Brought to a Halt

Category: Volvo | Author: | Date: December 10th, 2014

2013 Frankfurt motor show was the place where unknowingly Volvo was about to show the public a Coupe concept that would bring the whole show to its knees.

No need to tell you that the reception for this particular vehicle was way over average. People would have bought it on the spot, had they had the chance to do so.

Volvo Coupe Concept

Volvo Coupe Concept

No need to say Volvo capitalized on that perspective and decided to put the vehicle into production. Apparently due to the guys over at the production desk focusing on the XC90 for their next major production phase, the Coupe has been left for dead. For how long? We don’t know and dare not guess. Read more »

Suzuki Celerio Available in the UK

Category: Suzuki | Author: | Date: December 9th, 2014

Meant to be a replacement for the Alto and Splash, this new city bound vehicle will ship into most UK showrooms by February 2015. The car will be available in two variants, the SZ3 and the SZ4.

This cute compact car is about 3.6m long an about 1.6 wide and has a boot storage space of about 254L. The European rendition of the vehicle will incorporate a 1.0 tri-cylinder petrol engine which will roughly accumulate to about 67HP with emissions of around 99g/km.

Suzuki Celerio

Suzuki Celerio

The main differences between the SZ3 and the SZ4 are the alloy rims, full electric windows, fog lamps and colored rear mirrors as well as a stylish chrome front grille. Are the differences worth the extra £1000? That depends on each individual and his preferences regarding extra accessories. Read more »

Audi Q3 Brand New Model Expected to Sell More

Category: Audi | Author: | Date: December 8th, 2014

You can’t like Audi and not know about their recently born Q3 crossover or its disputed success. No need to remind the public that this car has been selling pretty well starting with a pretty big number of about 145.000 units sold already and about 1/3 of that number expected to sell this year.

Judging by the numbers you wouldn’t expect Audi to care much about redesigns and the sort, however it so happens that the German manufacturer has decided to give it a facelift nonetheless. And that’s not all. According to recent information the slightly redesigned Q3 will also cut on carbon emissions by about 17%.

Audi Q3

Audi Q3

The Audi Q3 promises “displacement on demand” which means reduced CO2 emissions when not using the engine at its fullest and that’s not all. Due to overall aerodynamic improvements, the car will also pose less wind resistance which will further reduce the fuel consumption ratio. Read more »

RR Evoque Cabrio Prototype Might Reach Production Soon

Category: Land Rover | Author: | Date: December 6th, 2014

Even though the guys over at Land Rover threw us off with their indecisiveness regarding a Cabrio rendition of the Range Rover Evoque, it has been reported that a prototype is in tests on the UK roads.

Range Rover Evoque Cabrio

Range Rover Evoque Cabrio

The level of detail, as well as the openness with which the test was conducted can only mean one thing. We are this close to production. Read more »

2016 Toyota Tacoma at This Year’s Detroit Show

Category: Toyota | Author: | Date: December 6th, 2014

Apparently Toyota has decided to revamp its Tacoma pickup model and has chosen the 2015 Detroit Show as its place to show the latest project it’s been working on.

Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma

Not much is known about this new truck other than the fact that it plans to adopt a rather modern and reworked body while keeping the inside as simple and modern as possible. Read more »

First Tesla Rival EV to Come from Audi in 2017

Category: Audi | Author: | Date: December 6th, 2014

In case you were starting to think that Tesla has been holding the EV market in its hands for too long, fear not, Audi has had the same opinion, which is why they decided to work on the introduction of a Audi based electric vehicle, as a potential rival for the not so wide Tesla vehicle range.

2017 Audi EV

2017 Audi EV

At this point not much information is available other than a couple of pictures of what might be this mystery EV. If one thing is clear, that’s the fact that this car is indeed in the works. Read more »

Second Generation Q7 Sneak Peak

Category: Audi | Author: | Date: December 5th, 2014

The 2015 Detroit show has built quite a lot of hype with cars such as the Toyota Tacoma and many others planning to show up and is in the end a hub for all automotive lovers. On such an occasion you wouldn’t expect the absence of important manufacturers such as Audi. Read more »

Project Khan Range Rover New Variants

Category: Land Rover | Author: | Date: December 5th, 2014

Project Khan has returned to the public’s attention with three brand new Range Rover renditions and I dare say they look quite intriguing.

Range Rover 4.4 SDV8 LWB - RS-600

Range Rover 4.4 SDV8 LWB – RS-600 Interior

Whether or not you want to purchase any of these high ranking, heavily modified vehicles is up to you, but taking a look as some put it might at least bring you into perspective. Read more »