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Romanian 2013 Dacia Logan MCV will be the cheapest car in U.K.

Category: Dacia | Author: | Date: April 8th, 2013

Recently, I heard something very interesting. The Romanian 2013 Dacia Logan MCV is the most affordable car from The United Kingdom.

I’m sure that the producers of the 2013 Dacia Logan MCV will be very pleased with this information. For years they have tried to register more cars sold and now it looks like they will succeed.

2013 Dacia Logan MCV

2013 Dacia Logan MCV

Now I will give some technical details about the 2013 Dacia Logan MCV. First, I have to say that is a perfect car for a family because it has 5 seats. With a weight of only 1.100 kg, it is available with an diesel engine and a petrol one. The petrol engine has three-cylinder and the diesel engine has 1.5-litre four-cylinder.

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Logan MCV 2: The Evolution Continues

Category: Dacia | Author: | Date: April 4th, 2013

The Romanian car manufacturer Dacia has finally unleashed probably its most desired surprise of the year: the new Logan MCV is ready to impress with its improvements in design and technology. Surprisingly beautiful and fit, this new model no longer keeps the two-door access system at the back, making a return to the conventional aspect of hatchback cars.

The engines are the same from the sedan model, but very attractive economically and functionally. The most interesting is the 0.9 TCe turbocharged engine, fulfilling expectations in terms of fuel consumption and power.

Dacia Logan MCV 2

Dacia Logan MCV 2

The Logan MCV is not meant for extreme performance, but for the every day use and utility needs that involve a greater space for people or luggage. It is expected to get the attention from most European potential customers, as it now comes with a navigation system and a better look.
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The low prices of Dacia Duster Adventure

Category: Dacia | Author: | Date: March 15th, 2013

For the last few years many car makers started producing more reasonable vehicles. The focus has shifted from power and performance to fuel and cost efficiency.

While many companies struggle to keep afloat in this economy, Dacia seems to be blooming. And it’s all because they deliver cheap, simple cars that work (most of the time).

Dacia Duster Adventure

Their range now includes hatchbacks, sedans, minivans and SUVs, up from just a couple of models. Dacia Duster Adventure, the limited edition SUV from the Romanian manufacturer, will go on sale in April in more than 16 countries.
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